List of writers

  • Mariko Araki

    Mariko Araki


    ・Acquired the qualification of Meteorologist in 2001

    ・After announcer of local broadcast station, active in the TV programs such as “スーパーJチャンネル (Super J Channel)”, “報道ステーション (Hodo Station)”  and so on as forecast reporter by 2015, the year giving the birth of son

    ・Besides being active as Meteorologist, passed the examination of Social Insurance Consultant in 2011

  • Ogawa Nozomi

    Ogawa Nozomi

  • Keitaro Kitano

    Keitaro Kitano


    ・Now I am raising kid by touch with my might!

    ・Freelance writer and Editor running the web magazine “PAPA-YARU” which is from man’s point of view

    ・Two-earner couple

    ・Living with wife and son together in Tokyo, Japan

  • Yoshiro Kubota

    Yoshiro Kubota


    ・Pharmacist certified the Japan Pharmacists Education Center (JPEC)

    ・Graduate school at the University of Keio, Japan
       Master of Health Management

    ・Practicing Chinese-Medical-Treatment in Kitasato University Oriental Medicine Research Center and cosmetic dermatology

    ・Now engaging in administration of many after-school care of schoolchildren and exploring the role Oriental Medicine such as Chinese Medicine and Medical Dishes carries out for the growth of hopeful children






    ・International marriage with French in 2006 and starting newly-married life in Osaka, Japan

    ・Giving birth to the older daughter in April, 2008

    ・Starting the new life in Nice, France in 2011

    ・Giving birth the second daughter in 2015

    ・Although It has been six years this year, 2016 since I came to Nice, I have been struggling against the child rearing as the mother who has two daughters with being still confused about the differences between Japanese and French lifestyles.

  • Maiko Sato

    Maiko Sato


    ・Mother of two sons, one is junior high school student and another is high school student

    ・Representative director of Fine Relations Association

    ・Translator for over 20 years

    ・Started communication instructor teaching the effective communication method with children since 2006

    ・Psychology counselor intended for mothers suffering from child rearing

    ・Published the book of child rearing to overcome Terrible Twos easily

  • Satomina Kondo Satomi

    Satomina Kondo Satomi


    I am Satomina; the senior working-mama living with son “Leonardo”, who is 17 years old, high school student and also half Japanese and half French, in Paris.
    I have been working as the coordinator for people coming to Paris with various purposes of business, such as helping Japanese companies; mainly fashion and interior; to advance to French market, with passion.

  • hiroko


  • Pikoriina



    I just came here in San Francisco to study abroad for limited time: one year only. When I noticed…  It has passed 16 years since I came here! I got married here and became mother of one daughter. Recently, I started the “Water Exercise” to keep healthy. It feels good to exercise!

  • Mai Ngoc Suong

    Mai Ngoc Suong


    I’m Mai Ngoc Suong, who is from Ho Chi Mihn City, Vietnam. It has passed five years since I got married with Japanese husband who always make a business trip to overseas. We; husband, daughter of four-years-old and I; started to live in Tokyo from January in this year! Every day is surely full of surprises and findings of the differences of “Birth・Childrearing・Discipline” between Japanese and Vietnam. I would like to introduce the idea in my own way, which adopt the good point of both Japanese and Vietnam.




    ・Editor and Writter being active while struggling with raising three kids

    ・After giving birth to twins, moved to Hiroshima, hometown, from Tokyo

    ・Loving to shoot the funny actions of three sons by smartphone

  • Mokuba



    ・After graduating from the fashion industry, being a homemaker
    ・Mother of 3 daughters; one is the age of ten, another is the age of seven and the other is the age of one.
    ・Struggling the child rearing!
    ・We, 5 family members, peacefully live together in the renovated Japanese house of 70-year-old building.

  • Raichi Mochizuki

    Raichi Mochizuki


    ・Active as freelance compiler and writer through the working experience in publishing company

    ・Writing about women’s lifestyle and working style mainly on magazines, websites and books

    ・Living in Tokyo, Japan

    ・Mother of one child

  • Momoka


  • Ryoko



    ・No experience living in foreign countries! Not good at English! But I immigrated to Canada in the end of July 2013 even the way.

    ・I am Mother of two sons, one is 7-years-old and another is 5-years-old.

    ・I am trying to spend every day with smile even having a lot of troublesome.

  • World Mommy Editorial Department

    World Mommy Editorial Department


    We deliver information for Moms from a global point of view by Japanese editor in chief, writers, Vietnamese complier and translator and bilingual translator English-Japanese.


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